Kau Manor is a well hidden gem in the middle of forests and fields. Take a closer look – and it takes your breath away with its exquisite atmosphere. Come and pamper yourself and your loved ones! We have created the packages that surely meet your desires.

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Inspiring seminar at Kau Manor

Kau Manor is a magical place. Situated in the middle of nature the Manor excites every guest: inspiring rooms stimulate the ideas, calming atmosphere clears senses and beautiful environment energizes.

Kau Manor unifies pleasure with useful and invites groups to enjoy elating rooms and relaxing activities. In cooperation with its partners the Manor offers the companies special packages, which help to finish the busy seminar day with clear mind and relaxed body. Kau Manor is private, cosy and inspiring place with many additional values.

  • For conferences / seminars we offer spacious Ballroom in the Main House, comfy Studio in the Coach House or cosy Old Kitchen for smaller teams;
  • During the whole day we serve fresh coffee/tea/water to the seminar room;
  • We offer cosy and unique twin or single rooms for accommodation in both Main House and Coach House;
  • Delicatessen from the kitchen and nectars from the wine cellar pamper your palets;
  • For additional activities we offer:


Vegetarian workshop



Mystery solving games

Art workshops


Mental / Spiritual workshops

  • Snowy Winter enables you to arrange outdoor activities at Manor Park, including snow sculpture competition!
  • Exciting rooms of Kau Manor, abundant details and big Manor Park create a wonderful premises for photo hunt!


We make all offers personal, according to you needs. For additional information and booking please call +372 5919 4600 or send e-mail at