Sauna and pool

Kau Manor has a cosy sauna and indoor swimming pool located in the Coach House. Snacks and drinks can be ordered for further enjoyment on the premises.

If you wish to use the sauna and swimming pool, please kindly inform the Manor Hostess at least 1 hour in advance.


Kau Manor house tours

Kau Manor is a very special place. The Manor complex with its extremely fascinating history and unique interior design is introduced by the Manor’s own guides, leading the guests on an uplifting tour from the attic to the cellar with their stories.

Kau Manor nature tours

The nature tour starting from the Kau Manor, which is located in the lap of pristine nature, is intertwined with history. A trip to the forest, or in other words, immersion in the forest, is enjoyable at any time of the year, and it is especially nice to discover natural treasures with an experienced guide. Our experience shows that some mysterious fluid calls us back again and again to this species-rich forest. The tour starts and ends at the Kau Manor and its duration is 1 hour. The recommended group size is up to 20 people. In addition, it is possible to order catering and a sauna at the end of the nature tour. We also organize night tours, see additional information below.

Bicycle Rides

Kau Manor rents out bicycles to explore the surroundings of the Manor. Perfect way to explore the nature and go for a picnic.

Board and outdoor games

You can spend time in Kau Manor in the company of various board and outdoor games. It’s a simple and nice way to make free moments meaningful and create a nice bond with fellow players.

Nature Hikes

Estonia is a dreamland for nature lovers. This is the place where the land meets the sea, bogs are interspersed with virgin forest, fields and rivers and lakes. Hiking in Estonia comes naturally to the locals who tour forests and bogs year round to pick berries, mushrooms and go camping with friends and family. The surrounding landscapes of Kau Manor are wonderful nature getaway destinations.


Rae Golf is located only 32 km from Kau Manor, towards Tallinn. In the Rae Golf Center, you can play golf on the 18-lane golf course or practice your golf swing on various driving ranges. In addition, both beginners and advanced players have the opportunity to improve their golf skills. Rae Golf coaches offer both private and group coaching. There is an open playground for children, where they can enjoy exciting games in the fresh air.

Paunküla Raft Sauna

Paunküla Wellness Center is located 10 km from Kau Manor, which offers a number of exciting leisure activities, including a raft sauna sailing on the Paunküla Reservoir, which can be rented both for private enjoyment and for smaller groups. While exercising and taking a bath, visitors can enjoy the lake and cool off in the natural water.

For more information please contact or +372 518 3036.

The Escapes

Although not widely known, Estonia is an ideal country for observing one of nature’s most spectacular shows – bird migration. Situated between the Finnish Gulf, the eastern coast of Baltic Sea, and Lake Peipsi near the Russian border, it is a natural flyway between breeding and wintering areas for millions of Arctic waterbirds. The country’s long and indented coastline, shallow and sheltered bays, straits, coastal meadows, marshes, and lagoons are teeming with Steller’s eiders, Ural owls, pygmy owls, great snipes, nutcrackers, citrine wagtails, seaducks, hazel grouses, lesser spotted eagles, and seven species of woodpeckers. Other wildlife includes butterflies, dragonflies, wild boars, wolves, brown bears, beavers, flying squirrels, and a thriving population of lynx, one of the largest in Europe.

Kakerdaja Fen, located 20 km from Kau Manor, is a fabulous and beautiful place, where at the center of two-level fen lies the picturesque Kakerdaja Lake.



Paunküla village is located 10 km from Kau Manor. It boasts a pristine lake that fishermen love, and forests popular for mushroom hunting.

Kose Church

The 700 year-old Kose Church, located 15 km from Kau Manor, is a fortified medieval church with a mighty tower and beautiful medieval arches. There is a historical vicarage and the funeral chapel of the von Kotzebue family.

Kose Shelter 

Kose Shelter is located near Kose, about 15 km from Kau Manor. This 2500 m2 subterranean shelter with 144 rooms was built in 1983 in case of atomic war and is now in the process of being renovated as part of an effort to preserve Estonian historical war architecture.

Kakerdaja Fen Hiking Track 

Kakerdaja Fen, located 20 km from Kau Manor, is one of the largest wetlands in Kõrvemaa. This 1000 hectares area of fen is on two levels, at the center of which lies the picturesque Kakerdaja Lake.

Seidla Windmill

Built in the 18th century, Seidla Windmill is the first renovated authentic Dutch windmill in Estonia. Just 36 km from Kau Manor, it is a fully functioning corn mill and can be visited by appointment only.

Ostrich Farm in Imavere 

The Imavere Ostrich Farm about 60 km from Kau Manor boasts a wide variety of birds in addition to ostrich, including emus, peacocks and many interesting breeds of chicken. The farm runs a dinette where guests can sample different dishes made from ostrich products.

Tuhala Witch’s Well 

Situated 26 km from Kau Manor, this periodically rising spring – part of an underground river in the Nabala-Tuhala protected area, overflows during times of high-water. The folk myth says that the Witch’s Well begins to overflow when the witches of Tuhala whisk themselves inside the well.

Blue Springs of Saula 

Close to the highway between Tallinn and Tartu, next to the Pirita river bridge and only 20 km away from Kau Manor, are the Blue Springs of Saula. The spring water is reputed to have a remedial power to heal the eyes.

Kuimetsa Karst Area 

Located 15 km from Kau Manor, Kuimetsa is one of the biggest and most unique geological karst areas in Estonia, with collapsed valleys, funnels, hollows, channels and caves. The biggest cave is 12 m long and 8 m wide.

Night nature tours

In addition to other local benefits, Kau Manor offers its guests an exciting experience in the form of night nature tours. It’s a great opportunity to listen with the tour guide to how the night forest sounds, smells and works while we are usually asleep.

For more information please contact or +372 518 3036

Thrilling way to explore the Estonian nature at night.